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Google Adwords (PPC)

When using AdWords keywords are also used to determine your cost of advertising. Each keyword you choose will have a cost per click (CPC) bid amount. The bids specify the maximum amount you're willing to pay each time someone clicks your ad (the maximum cost-per-click). A higher CPC bid can allow your ad to show at a higher position on the page.

Google AdWords is a publicizing service provided by Google for any sort of business that would like to make known it's work to the general public via ads on Google and its various advertising networks.

At Iquor Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we have a great deal to promote your websites via Google Adwords (Pay Per Click). The AdWords feature facilitates enterprises to fix some kind of estimate for advertising and only pay when users mouse click the adverts. This Google ad service mainly requires certain keywords.

Google Adwords is mainly a game of keywords in which people use certain business linked keywords to search on Google search engine. And as the cycle goes on, these keywords play their roles. When any user searches for something that is related to these keywords, it pops up your ad and hence the work is done.

There are a few important keywords to go with options that include the following:

  • Broad Match: This reaches to most people by displaying your ad at any moment when the keyword is browsed for.
  • Negative Match: This option restricts your ad from displaying whenever a word or phrase you designate is searched for.
  • Phrase Match: Your ad is displayed for search results that are matched with the exact same phrase.
  • Exact Match: Displays your ad for search results that are matched to the exact phrase precisely.

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