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Web Startup


Web Startup

A web startup is formally recognized as a freshly constituted body which extends its services/products mainly through some particular website in which they hunt for a repeatable and amendable business model.
The most conventional web startups nowadays are time and again software solutions that can be signed into and operated online through the web.

If you have a good ability to communicate and build relationships with others then is your ladder to success.

Iquor Solutions Pvt. Ltd. delivers following web startup services:

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • E-mail SSL Services

Web Startup Services


Domain Registration

Domain name registration is a statute of reserving a name on World Wide Web for a year. Just like providing your business with a brand identity 'online', Iquor Solutions Pvt. Ltd. endows you the service of Domain nameregistration in which the......read more


Web Hosting

Web hosting is the vocation of storing, assisting and preserving files for singular or plural websites. All that you require is to rent a slot on the computer to have a backend data of your website work. Iquour Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides.......read more


Email / SSL Services

Classified as among the most essential factors of online business is the fact that one must establish a reliable ambiance where potential end customers feel positive in making transactions. Secure Sockets Layer certificates generate a foundation......read more

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